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The Employment Assistance Services offices of Women in Resource Development provide employment assistance services to unemployed women in Newfoundland and Labrador, who are interested in trades, technology and operations occupations in the Natural Resources Sector.

We work with women, educators and employers to get women trained and ready to work in highly paid occupations and in the skilled trades and technology sectors. Today’s employers are crying out for skilled workers.

Employment Assistance Services offers a wide range of employment related services to
unemployed women. We can provide information on a number of funding programs, training and job creation initiatives available.

WRDC understands that women encounter barriers preventing them from exploring and entering jobs in the areas of skilled trades and technology.

WRDC is committed to helping women identify and remove those barriers so they can pursue successful careers.

With offices in four regions of the province including St. John’s, Clarenville, Corner Brook and Happy Valley-Goose Bay our services include:

Career Development

Whatever your experience, whatever your background, your counsellor will work with you to explore the educational and employment options that are open to you. She will help you start your path toward your new career by assisting you to develop a return-to-work action plan - the first step to success.

Your counsellor will work with you to act on your return-to-work action plan to investigate the training and employment options that suit you and your needs.

During one-on-one counselling sessions, our career counsellors will work with you to help you reach your careers goals.

  • Completing labour market research
  • Understanding labour market trends
  • Exploring training options and funding
  • Understanding the apprenticeship system
  • Developing job search techniques
  • Accessing the hidden job market
  • Identifying transferable skills
  • Developing resume and cover letter writing skills for jobs in trades and technology
  • Accessing the existing network of women in trades and technology

Career Planning

  • Help women identify and remove barriers that prevent them from exploring and entering jobs in skilled trades and technologies.
  • Provide one-on-one career counselling sessions to help identify and explore education and employment options. We help women identify their transferable skills.
  • Assist in the development of sound return-to-work action plans and also assist women with the application process to accessing funding for education.
    (Certain eligibility requirements apply)
  • Assist women with labour market research and help them understand labour market trends.

Job Search

  • We provide women with detailed information on job search strategies such as “How to tap into the Hidden Job Market”. We provide assistance with resume writing, cover letter development and interview preparation.
  • Access to an existing network of women in Trades, Technology, and Operations.
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