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Barriers facing women entering Trades and Technologies
WRDC: Photo Courtesy of Cindy Parsons

Despite the increase in numbers, women still face barriers to entering jobs in trades and technology. There are barriers to training, to being hired as well as to remaining employed. Many of these barriers are related to "the way we have always done it."

Women encounter barriers to training because of:

  • Gender-based recruitment, selection criteria and career counseling
  • An absence of networks and mentoring programs for women
  • Inadequate pre-employment training and apprenticeship opportunities

The hiring process also poses some obstacles to women:

  • Gender discrimination in hiring
  • Traditional hiring practices such as word of mouth networks which favour men
  • Closed shops and seniority lists
  • Requirement of hands-on experience

Once hired, many women encounter discrimintation and sexist treatment such as:

    • Gender discrimination in promotion, job assignments, performance reviews and recognition
    • Inappropriate facilities and equipment such as inadequate washroom arrangements or clothing and equipment designed for a men
    • Sexual and gender harassment
    • Lack of employment equity procedures
    • Societal attitudes that do not support women in these new careers
    • Inflexibility of employers in workplace assignments
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