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Educational Resource Centre
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Choices and education...

"If I had known these things in school, my life would have been different."
  • To design and deliver educational programs for women and girls aimed at increasing their knowledge of career opportunities in natural resources and in trades, technology, operations and blue-collar occupations;
  • To manage an educational resource centre that is accessible to all women and girls wanting to use it;
  • To offer the services of the Centre to individuals and organizations from the wider community;
  • To offer information sessions on career opportunities in trades, technology, operations and blue-collar occupations for women and girls, especially in rural communities;
  • To offer support through networking programs for low-income and/or unemployed women in trades, technical, operations and blue-collar training programs;
  • To assure that WRDC educational programs are available to low-income women and girls; especially in rural areas of Newfoundland and Labrador;
  • To offer educational opportunities to women and girls from the Aboriginal and Francophone communities of Newfoundland and Labrador;
  • To manage an electronic resource to women and girls in regions of the province that are under-serviced;
  • To outreach to community, educational, industry and labour organizations who share a common purpose and who wish to work together on common projects;
  • To carry out research concerning the relationship between women's poverty and the career options that are open to them.
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